The company was founded in 1972 by Zacharias Karanasios and belongs to the field of mechanical works. In 1993 the company passed to his son Hercules Karanasios. It produces plastic and metal objects. All kinds of mechanical components for various applications as well as the ability to design and manufacture metal parts and production machinery according to the requirements of any particular application. It also provides manufacturing services for various industrial equipment components. It has C.N.C. (Center Numetrica Control) where it can study, construct and implement C.N.C machine programs in order to offer the applications of these programs to C.N.C. In the automotive field, it produces and manufactures auto parts of racing requirements.
It also provides any specialized work on mechanical parts.

We produce the following types:
Single and double piston relief valves, Turbo pressure regulators (valve). 5th Bucket Mounts, Dome Bar, Adjustable Suspension, Top mount with unibool, Manufactured Additions to Desired Dimensions.
Converted intercooler refrigerators (air and water cooled, entirely from scratch, construction our own). Brake adjustment set: Adapters for four-piston callipers, the discs are converted into engravings and holes. We also manufacture light alloy pulleys (ergal).

Hercules Karanasios, with his experience, his passion and consistency in his work, has reached the level of the best name in his field.
Furthermore, our company, uses the most modern methods of producing metal parts and mechanisms,  equipped with two Robot welding and working. With the only Fronius CMT welding source in our country that can weld aluminum and steel alloys, with the highest standards  worldwide.
The welding source can also bond unequal metals, such as aluminum with iron, copper with iron, aluminum with aluminum, etc. The Fronius CMT method has begun with the needs of the automotive industry.
Our company undertakes welding works, working and packing with robotic arms. We can produce from tens to hundreds of pieces with low cost. Contact us.