Who we are

The company was founded in 1972 by Mr. Karanasios Zacharias and is active in the field of engineering. In 1993, his son, Iraklis Karanasios, took over leading the company to new horizons.The company operates on the car industry area producing many parts for oem or racing application and in the industry area producing a variety of parts for every application.Today Hercules Parts operates in 3 different fronts offering a vast variety of specialised components build in house.The .C.N.C. department has been evolved and framed by a composite materials department and a brand new and innovative department that operates in the hybrid energy field. On our cnc department we can design and produce pieces for car and motorcycle application and also industrial parts.We specialise in brake systems, radiators and intercoolers.Our industrial design capabilities permit us to design and produce a piece starting with a white paper.With years of experience,new methods,cmt welder and 3d scanner we can produce a variety of pieces like exhaust systems,blow off valves,cnc engine mounts, fully floating braking discs. On our composite materials department using innovative methods and techniques we are able to produce and reproduce components for every application.With more than 20 years of experience in racing cars we are competent as few in Greece on creating carbon fiber parts.We can work materials from kevlar to pre preg materials and we can create structures with internal cores.All these give us the opportunity to create structures with desired appearance and mechanical properties. On our hybrid energy department we create power packs with the most innovative technology available using state of the art materials.We have been testing and developing this technology the past years with success and we came up with solutions that are ready to be applicated in racing cars,street cars,motorcycles, military vehicles,trucks,tractors.We do reaserch and development in this area as it represents the future of the energy field in industry.